SEO Bootcamp: Wrap-Up Tips ‘n’ Tricks

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SEO Bootcamp in the Cat Bloggers’ Lounge is wrapping up with some odds-n-ends guidelines and tips that will continue to help you supercharge your SEO efforts.

WordPress Plugins:

I LOVE WordPress SEO by Yoast. It displays how your entry will look in Google search results and he performs an analysis of each post so that you can tweak it before publishing. His analysis is based on a Focus Keyword which is how you need to think about constructing your posts.

Another great WP plugin is SEO Ultimate. It goes deep into you post and your site to make it a lean mean SEO machine. It offers a few dozen ways to improve your optimization — but if that intimidates you, just using the core features will give you a big boost.

Farewell SEO Tips and Tricks

We’ve covered the highpoints during the SEO Bootcamp, but here are a few more guidelines to keep in mind:

Content Length: 300 word minimum. No problem with longer length if you maintain a good keyword percentage.

Write a compelling page-specific meta description. This is the most important part of the writing that you’ll do, because this is the bait that lures readers to your site. WP SEO plugins help you do this.

Always add an SEO title which is separate from your page title (the title the readers see at the top of your post.) The SEO title should have your focus keyword at the very front. The two SEO plugins mentioned above make it easy for you to do this.

Breadcrumbs: We didn’t mention breadcrumbs in bootcamp because it requires some technical fluency to implement, but consider using them on your site if you have a hierarchical website (vs. just a blog): Google LOVES ’em. Plugins make implementation fairly easy.

An XML Sitemap is a MUST HAVE for good SEO. Yep, there are plugins to help you accomplish this. It’s also very easy to do via Google Sitemaps.

Link Building was a little beyond the scope of the Bootcamp, but it is no less important to SEO. Here’s a good source of tips forlegitimate link building. And please, know what you’re doing before you start, because done incorrectly, bad link building is considered a Black Hat practice and Google will send your site links to live with basement cat.

Optimize your site for speed. A slow-loading site gets slammed in page rankings. Make sure your graphics aren’t too large (none should exceed about 600px in width or height), that you limit the amount of content on each page (break long posts into parts), and check to see that you don’t have a hundred scripts running that are slowing everything down.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. If you suck as a photographer or just need some fresh imagery, take advantage of photos under the Creative Commons License on Flickr. The license terms vary (there are several types of licenses), but with, say, an attribution license you may use the image for free as long as you give attribution to its creator.

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What topics would you like to see in future SEO Bootcamps?

Leave a comment with topics you’d like to see purred about in The Cat Bloggers’ Lounge.

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  1. You don’t know HOW incredibly helpful this series has been for me. SEO always intimidated the crap out of me, but you’ve distilled it down into terms I can understand —- and give me an action plan I can work with. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

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