7 Silly Sunday Sleepers Going ZZZzzzzzz

Funny Sleeping Cat

Sunday is the best day all week to sleep in with yer peeps. If yer REEELY lucky, wile yer sleepin in with yer faverite cat guy, yer ladey is up making pancakes, and then she’ll let you lick sum butter offa her fingers wich as yoo know is yum yum yummy.

Here are seven sound sleepers… I wonder how many of them have pancakes and butter in thare futures?

Funny Sleeping Tabby Cat

Funny Sleeping Kitten

Funny Sleeping Orange Tabby Cat


Didja notiss how many ginger cats are super silly sleepers?

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2 thoughts on “7 Silly Sunday Sleepers Going ZZZzzzzzz

  1. Dood! Charmee is a super Sunday sleeper, too! We’d post a photo ‘cept Mom’s bedroom is a disaster area an’ she’s got cleaning to do!

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