It Must be Shoesday!

Charlotte Olympia red velvet cat wedge shoes
I confess. I cannot wear heels or wedgies any longer. The decades I spent in 4-inch heels that forced me to walk tippy-toed took their toll in the form of painful bunions that keep me from now wearing anything more stylish than Crocs. That however, does not keep me from indulging in shoe porn. Especially when it’s cat shoe porn.

It was a smelling salts morning when I set my eyes on these beauties. RED is the color of the week as VD approaches, and OMFC, these red velvet Charlotte Olympia wedges are not just gorgeous, they are meowtastic CAT shoes!

These lush red velvet platform wedges feature a sexy thin ankle strap and black embroidered cat face at the front. Black patent piping graces the topline. They even come in black, for those cat ladies who are just a bit more demure.

charlotte olympia cat wedge shoe

Retail price is about $935, so unless you’re a cat burglar, kittehs, you might be strapped for cash to buy your lady these byoots.

4 thoughts on “It Must be Shoesday!

  1. OMC!!!! Those are so cute!!!!!!! I have never worn heels that high and am not going to start, but dang, those are tempting!

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