New Simon’s Cat Video: Cat and Mouse

Deer Mr Simon’s Cat:

I wood like to let you know that you stole my trademark moove, the BUTT-IN-FACE manoover. It is kleerly an infrinjment of my copyrite. Maybe you cood just give me kredit at the end of yer moovey or add me as a pade consultunt.

Yer frend and fan,
Skeezix the Cat

5 thoughts on “New Simon’s Cat Video: Cat and Mouse

  1. Simon is our hero!!! I could watch his videos over and over all day long! The simple way he gets the nuances of a cat is so amazing and each video hits home with me! All of them are laugh out loud funny!!

  2. OMC!! I’ve loved Simon’s Cat videos since the very first one, and could watch them all day. I have one of the books too although I don’t think his humor translates quite as well to printed form. I was happy to see my favorite “signature move” is back in this video — the cat pointing to his mouth for food — that just cracks me up!!

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