Daisy and Skeezix: Together at Last

Daisy the Curly Cat has joined her soulmate Skeezix at The Bridge.

I can picture them, together at last, sharing fashion and wig styling tips and reminiscing about the golden era of cat blogging.

Skeezix was dazzled by Daisy. He always said the best day of his life (February 14, 2008) was when she agreed to go steady with him. And at that time, most of the Cat Blogosphere tuned in online to see what question he was about to pop. He was very nervous asking her. He spent days trying to figure out “the snazziest owtfit to ware” for that day. When she said yes, he squealed and nearly wet his pants. Those were good times.

Daisy the Curly Cat’s Official Going Steady Portrait

I think of Daisy often. Her spirit is like a butterfly that darts around from here to there and can’t help but make me smile. When I eat bananas, I think of her sweet sister, Pixie. Pixie loved her nanners, but Daisy: not so much.

I thought of Daisy when I was watching this scene from Sherlock:

Who doesn’t remember Dr Daisy and her hours spent playing Operation in her attempt to become a world class surgeon?

Of course, most of us remember Daisy for her extraordinary wardrobe. She even had her own closet:

And how about the Sea Monkeys?

She named the muscular one “Skeezix,” the brave one “Sarge Charlie,” and the one who kept her laffin an laffin “Jeter.” When Daisy’s Sea Monkeys went belly up, she said the the instruction manual said that “if all the Sea Monkeys die, you can let the water evaporate and then add more water again until new babies hatch. I guess Sea Monkeys believe in reincarnation.”

Like the Sea Monkeys, the legend of Daisy the Curly Cat lives on in our memories. Here’s one last memory that won’t leave a dry eye in the house:

What’s your favorite memory of Daisy the Curly Cat?

18 thoughts on “Daisy and Skeezix: Together at Last

  1. Our eyes keep leeking. Daisy ment so much to us. When momma was so sick the cat pages lifted her up and helped her git bettur. I think the Daisy and Skeezy thing was majic. May moor than that Tongue and The Restless thing. Wood you all be so kind to not leeve? Momma sez I’m not allowed to eether. Lots a presshure.

  2. We remember the days of Daisy and Skeezix. That was a fun time. Hard to believe most all the blogging cats from that era are gone, including our own, except for Percy. We are sad each time another has to leave. We’re sorry it came Daisy’s time. 🙁 But we thank her and Skeezix for all the laughs.

  3. I remember it all … and I miss sweet Daisy and hilarious Skeezix and our crazy friendships based on our precious cats.
    Sending love to the entire blogosphere.

  4. Oh, this world is not as happy a place without sweet Daisy. I trust Skeezix has planned a romantic tour of his favorite spots around the Rainbow Bridge for her 🙂

    Big hugs from Sweden

  5. My condolences to all who knew and loved Daisy. It’s so hard to lose those we love, no matter how long we have them it isn’t long enough.

  6. I forgot to mention getting “crabilated.” One of my favorite expressions.

    1. I still use “crabilated.” I thought it was hilarious, and every time I use it, I have to explain it, which has been fun. I’m so sad she’s gone, but love the thought of her and Skeezix together at last.

  7. I remember Daisy and her adventures with George the lizard.

    It was a pleasure to read about Daisy and her siblings. I can’t express my sadness over the loss of a girl I never met.

  8. I remember Daisy and her adventures with George the lizard.

    It was a pleasure to read about Daisy and her siblings. I can’t express my sadness over the loss of a girl I never met.

  9. Daisy and her nip habit, with Pixie as Shady Lady. I miss so many of the blogging cats.

  10. Daisy and Skeezie were a happy part of my life for so long and brought so much joy to many. The video brought tears to my eyes. Your tribute also brought to mind Daisy’s dress-ups. I will never forget Harley always ruining Daisy’s good time.

  11. We remember all those things mention, and in addition we really enjoyed her “Sunday Funnies” – the comic strip that she did with Harley. She was one class act. Our eyes are leaking.

    1. The first thing I thought of when I heard Daisy had gone ahead, was the day Skeezy asked her to go steady! I remember all of us holding our breath and encouraging him on, and the excitement when she said yes. Another big one was when Daisy was in the running for some favorite blog contest but the cheating penguins won! We were all so upset because of course Daisy was the most wonderful.

      How nice it is to think of all of our blogging furiends together now at the Bridge, sharing stories of their fun exploits and adventures while they watch over us until we are able to join them once again.

      Sending hugs & purrs to all who loved Daisy.

      Mom Nora (Finny, Buddy & Jazzy at the Bridge)

  12. Daisy, we just heard that you are gone to the rainbow bridge. we are not on facebook so we will send our condolences here. we are so sad that you had to leave our world and will always remember you with love and fondness. sending you a big, weepy, full of kisses hug,
    Honey Sunshine, Gidget Bluesky and mommie

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