Skeezix Visits the House o’ Taz

Skeezix gets a ride in the Cat Lovrmobile

Hi everycat, Skeezix heer.

Today was the most exciting day of my life. I got to meet my lifelong frend, Taz and his famly, in purrson.

As most of you know, Taz is praktikly pushing 25 yeers old. He had major surjery just a little wile ago and he came thru with flying colors. Of korse, he had the power of purr behind him.

His mom picked us up in her byoootiful Ford Taurus car with a CAT LOVR license plate. Even tho it wuzn’t pink, it was still a byootiful car. She wood not let me drive it, however. This was a little selfish of her, I thot, becuz I need to get sum rode time in before I hit the Ford Test Track on Thursday.

We ferst stopped to vizit Taz. And Ko. And Orvis. And Jacob. And Joey. And Marvel Ann. And Gomez.

Well, akshully, the ferst cat we saw was Ferris. He’s a feral cat hoo walks funny cuz he probly got hit by a car. Taz’s mom feeds him.

Here’s me and Orvis. Orvis coodn’t help but showt how happy he was to see me!

Skeezix the Cat and Orvis, in Dearborn

I got to see Taz’s closet! It was like finding the Holy Grale! All of his kyoot owtfits are orgunized according to seezin and color. It’s WAY better than my closet wich is just a couple of big rubbermade tubs with stuff throne in without rime or reezin.

Taz's Closet


In case you’ve been nappin’ for a couple of yeers, this is what Taz looks like in his kyoot outfits:
Taz in costume


And I got to meet the Great Geezer hizself. I think you’ll agree that Taz duzn’t look a day over 15:


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Now here’s a news scoop for you: Taz lounges around his house IN THE NOOD! Here is an excloosive shot of Taz all nekkid. (Kittens, hide yer eyes.) Of korse, I couldn’t blame Taz for not waring clothes today becuz according to the Food Lady it was a million degrees with 560% humidity. I was glissening a little myself, but I did not swet as much as the Food Lady who looked like she had a sprinkler hooked up to her forehed.

I asked Taz what his secret to longevity was, and he sed it’s important to chill and not swet the small stuff, and also, you should eat as many Temptations every day that you can kram down yer throte. Good advice, Taz.

Then we wint to lunch and Greenfield Village, ware I got to vizit Taz’s sheeps. I will tell you all about it in a later repurrt, cuz ironikally, the WIFI connekshun at the Ford Forward Conference is panefully slow, and it’s making my typist say sum of the werds frum the bad werd list.

Tomorrow I’ll repurrt on tonite’s dinner with Tom Collins, Malcolm Gladwell and Ed Begley Joonyer.

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  1. I enjoyed meeting you and your FL, buddy. Glad the bros at Greenfield Village showed you a good time.

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