Skeezix Visits Titus the Frootbat Dog

Skeezix and Frootbat Titus

Hi evrybuddy, this is Skeezix the Cat, repurrting from Dearborn Mishygun this week. Last nite was VERY exciting. Me an the Food Lady got to meet Titus the Frootbat dawg and Earl Grey. And we got a glance of Tazo, hoo frankly, didn’t like me vary much.

Skeezix the Cat (rear) and Earl Grey (front)
Skeezix the Cat (rear) and Earl Grey (front)

Titus’ Food Lady took us to an Irish pub. And you know whut that meens: MUTHER’S MILK!

Skeezix and Mother's Milk

If this pikcher looks a little blurry it’s becuz the FL had some Mother’s Milk, too. Thare was a hole lotta laffin goin’ on, and then Jeter Harris’ mom called and thare was more laffin and laffin than the hole state of Mishygun had ever known.

And of korse, you can’t drink Mother’s Milk without a side of Horny Gote Weed!

horny goat weed

Here’s me an Titus’ byootiful mom:

Boy, it was a fun nite! I wuz werried that Dearborn wood be full of vishus deer, but insted it was just a wonderful nice place to vizit! And Titus’ byootiful mom shode us a reely good time.

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  1. We had a blast! Thanks for visiting us and for not chomping on my ears. You might just be the best cat in the world!

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