Obese cat weighs as much as a 4-yr-old child

fat 41-lb cat
Skinny is headed to the fat farm.

In what continues to be a disturbing trend, yet another morbidly obese stray cat (this one in Texas) has been found and is will be put up for adoption. Like Meow, Sponge Bob and Garfield, Skinny is an orange tabby. She weighs about as much as a four-year-old child.

She’s reportedly “very sweet” but likely suffers from diabetes, according to the staff at Richardson Animal Services in Richardson, Texas.

Already Skinny has her own Twitter account, although it will take more than tweeting to get her down to a healthy weight. Any potential adopter will need to be willing to exercise her, put her on a diet, and deal with any health problems which can include respiratory and heart ailments and joint problems in addition to diabetes.

Before she can be adopted out, Skinny has gone to a fat farm — a specialized rescue group that deals with overweight animals. Once she’s trimmed down a bit, the rescue group will adopt her out.

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  1. Very sad. 🙁 Best of luck to Skinny on her journey to wellness! Glad she is in the hands of people who will help her.

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