Snoopy the Cat Attacks Rattlesnake to Save Family

Snoopy the Cat bravely fights a rattlesnake

This week in Georgia, Snoopy the Cat saved his famly frum an evil rattlesnake, risking his own life in the process.

Last Thursday, as his lady purrson, Shirley Cooper, glanced out the window to check on the cats in the yard, she noticed Snoopy getting ready to pounce on some prey.

Grabbing a pair of binocs, she saw that object of Snoopy’s attention was a ginormous rattlesnake. Cornered, the agitated snake was ready to striie.

Snoopy’s man purrson ran outside to try to chase Snoopy away frum the snake. When Snoopy saw him, he moved within striking range of the snake to divert the snake’s attenshun frum his man. In what can only be described as a miracle, the rattlesnake desided not to strike Snoopy, and when the danger seemed to have passed, Snoopy mooved away. (See the artist’s rendering of the seen above.)

Sadly for the snake, he got shot and kilt after the insident so he coodn’t kill cats or peepul. It was neerly five feet long, with a body “about the diameter of a man’s forearm” and 8-10 rattles.

Becuz of reesint drowt conditions, snakes have to travel far frum thare homes in serch of water and food and are being spotted in places that formerly were snake-free. Becuz some cats have an insane attraction to snakes, it’s a good idea to keep cats indoors if you live in snake country.

Snoppy sed he was just doing his job. “I didn’t wunt the snake to eat my peepul cuz then thare wood be no one around to open up the cans of cat food for me. Plus, the snake was all curled up and slithery and made this rattley sound like one of my shakey toys duz, and who cood rezist going after sumthing like that?”

Indeed. One summer, my big bruther Mao set a record of bringing 3 snakes into the house in one day. It reminded me of being on the set with Samuel L Jackson making the movie “Skeezix on a Plane,” the Snakes on a Plane seekwul. Good times!

4 thoughts on “Snoopy the Cat Attacks Rattlesnake to Save Family

  1. Kudos to Snoopy for being so brave. And a shout out to Skeezix too for the awesome “pikcher” 🙂

  2. A scary and sad story! (For the snake.) But happy ending for brave Snoopy! Funny how these things work turn out.

    Skeeze did you draw that picture?

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