“something i will remember for the rest of my life!”

In the Dugout with Jeter Harris
doze ar da werdz derek jeter sed wen asked abowt hiz historik 3000th hit jus arownd 2:00 yesturday afternoon at yankee stadium. it wuz mor eksitin becuz hiz 3000th hit wuzza homerun … an dat iz only da second time in history dat happened! (da only udder player to reech 3000 widda homerun wuz da grate wade boggs in 1999.) mi mom an i were watchin az jeter walked up to da plate in da 3rd innin. after a fyoo ballz, a fyoo strikez, anna fyoo fowlz, jeter slammed dat ball into da left feeld ware christian lopez wuz able to retreeve it. (verree eksitin fer mister lopez becuz he got to shake jeter’z hand an den da yankeez gave him fabyoolus seetz fer da rest uv da seeson an sum autographed jeter swag.)

derek jeter iz da 28th player to join da 3000 club. he iz da first yankee to have 3000 hitz! he hadda grate game. he went 5 fer 5 an had da go ahead single in da 8th innin to help hiz teem beat da tampa bay rayz.

in deez timez, we all need a role model to look up to. derek jeter izza role model an datz wutz so grate abowt him. itz not jus dat he wuz da rookie uv da yeer, or da mvp, or an all star, or a gold glove, or dat he haz played in da werld seriez an warez a handful uv werld seriez ringz … derek jeter duz da rite thing. he iz sumone kidz an catz can emyoolate. he werkz hard an he haz confidence in hizself. i luv him an i am prowd dat he an i hav da same name … JETER! i will remember watchin dat homerun yesturday fer da rest uv mi life!


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  1. The Devil Rays pitcher who was supposed to pitch to Jeter on 7/8, Jeremy Hellickson, is from Iowa, and went to High School with three of my nieces and nephews (Hoover in Des Moines). (He also owns a dog named Jeter.) Jeremy is quoted to have said he would not have minded pitching the 3000th hit, if it didn’t end up as a run! It’s exciting for ALL baseball fans, either way!

    1. Wut a co-inky-dink dat jeremy hellickson hazza d-o-g named jeter!
      It wuzza grate day in baseball history … An jeremy wuz almos a big part uv it!
      Thankz fer yer comment!
      Luv–yer frend–jh

  2. Dood, they talked about that on the news HERE so I know it’s a big deal! I was really impressed that the guy who caught the ball gave it back even though he could have traded it for a boatload of real live fresh dead shrimp!

    And it’s the first time a Yankee has done it! It’s a good thing he was named after you. I think that probably helped, having someone to look up to and all that…

  3. Jete, I have listened to and read many accolades for Mr Derek Jeter none better than from the dugout by Jeter Harris. You make me proud to be your friend.

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