Steampunk Feline Transport System

steampunk cat tube transport unit


Most of you are too young to remember pneumatic tubes. Before computers, they were used in buildings to send messages from one part of the building to another. In some cases, it might be a store sending receipts to the main desk, or a brokerage office sending orders to a main order desk. 

steampunk cat tube transport unit

When I saw this Feline Transport Unit, it reminded me of those old pneumatic tubes even though this steampunk version relies on the cat’s own leg power instead of a vacuum to propel her through the tubes. 

steampunk cat tube transport unit

This one-of-a-kind custom cat tube features several peek-a-boo holes from which the cat can survey his domain. Its practicality doesn’t end there. The sturdy construction will provide a safe haven from earthquakes should one strike this San Francisco home. Check out this Steampunk Feline Transport Unit here.

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  1. I remember pneumatic tubes. Our local J.C.Penny’s store had one and I just loved to watch the carrier shoot thru the tubes. I know any cat would love to have such a device to travel thru.

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