Streaming Services to Help Fluffy Navigate the Covid Lockdown

A couple of streaming services for cats have emerged, purrfect for helping Fluffy make it through her shelter-in-place nightmare in one piece.

More than one cat has complained to me that their attempts to make their peeps’ zoom meetings more interesting have not been appreciated. And their helpful suggestions of how to spend time locked inside the house 24/7/365 have fallen on deaf ears, even when the meow-volume is turned up to 11. How does a stay-at-home cat survive SIP?

Of course, it’s probably a better question for Max, since Max knows absolutely everything there is to know about feline-humanoid interactions.

In the meantime, tune into one of the newish streaming services for cats. You might not even need your peep’s credit cards to subscribe!

Amazon Prime Video: Cat TV

Jeff Bezos’s greatest contribution to the feline world to date is the Cat TV streaming service through Amazon Prime Video.

Cat TV offers enough cat-centric HD video entertainment to get you through until you’re able to kick your peeps out of the house when they return to the office. It’s included in Amazon Prime memberships. The movies are heavy on birds/squirrels content, and it could also be just the diversion your peeps need to take their minds off life as we currently know it. Who doesn’t need a break from the news these days? The whole family can enjoy watching that Jay wrestle a corncob away from a thieving squirrel. It’s kinda like the Food Network for Cats.

Spotify’s Pet Playlists

Spotify surveyed 5,000 pet owners from Britain, Australia, Spain, Italy and the United States before releasing its pet-centric playlists. More than seven in 10 pet owners surveyed said they had played music for their furry friends. Almost half of the owners believed that music helps relieve their animal’s stress.

CLICK HERE to go to Spotify for Pets.

Whatever you do, don’t It’ll scare the beejeebers outta Fluffy.


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