Surround Yourself with Cat Wallpaper

It should be noted that I detest wallpaper, after I spent a summer scraping and steaming off many walls of the stuff in our house. But if I were inclined to put up some wallpaper, this is what I’d choose: CATS! (of course) Maybe in a powder room with the fourth wall painted in a bright red or hot pink.

Sounds too good to be true, but it’s easy-peasy, just peel-and-stick. Repositionable and removable.

Want more color? They’ve got that, too:

If you’re more into earth-toned tabbies, they’ve gotcha covered:

Prices start at $22:


5 thoughts on “Surround Yourself with Cat Wallpaper

  1. I have some rolls I bought at Sherwin Williams at least 5 years ago, I wish I could get hubby to put them up. These are all great.

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