The Easter Kitty’s Coming!

I stumbled upon this old video documenting a photo session in which we posed Skeezix for one of his Easter cards. (The resulting photo won the Martha Stewart Easter Pets contest that year.)

And here’s the finished productavailable for purchase on Zazzle:

Or wear him as a button!

Skeezix the Cat Easter button, starting at $2.85. Multiple sizes avail.

So now you’re chompin on the bit to get yourself a pair of bunny ears before the big day. Right? boyfriend dating site

If you’re looking for an Easter gift for a young cat loving friend, there are a couple of Easter Cat picture books that will last longer than a basket full of chocolate sugar bombs and Peeps:

tips for dating an older man by Kimberly and James Dean by Deborah Underwood & Claudia Rueda

Ready for an Easter Egg Hunt?

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Catnip/Valerian Cat Toys – “Easter Eggs” – 6 Pack Set with Box $17.52

Or, would you prefer these?

Catnip Easter Egg – Easter Catnip Cat Toy, $4.50 ea


Felt catnip easter toys for cats and kittens, $8.41

Send a card!

Happy Easter Card $2.49

Gonna be in an Easter Purrade? Time to don a snappy bow tie:

Easter Bow Tie $5,49
Easter Egg Cat Bow Tie, $5.49

And maybe your collar will need an Easter upgrade!

Cat Collar with Removable Bell $9.50

And no cat can sashay her way through the Easter Purrade without an Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it!

Easter Bonnet, choice of 8 colors (or custom) $23.23

What CCL wouln’t love to find a solid chocolate cat in her Easter basket?

Solid Chocolate Cat in choice of dark, milk or tuxie. $17.00

This hatching chick hat comes with a baby chick toy!

Chicken Easter Hat for Cat + Chick Pom Pom Toy $15.99

Decorate your crib with a vintage Easter cat garland!

Vintage Easter cat garland, $10

Or hand-painted ornaments!

Cat Easter Eggs $25

What cat wouldn’t be DELIGHTED to wear this spiffy Easter egg costume?

Easter Egg Costume $11

Or this???

Easter Bunny Sweater $35 and up

And if you’re celebrating Passover instead of Easter, Skeezy’s gotcha covered:  You can pick up the Passover Skeezix Card at Zazzle.

4 thoughts on “The Easter Kitty’s Coming!

  1. Aww..such a sweet kitty bunny. I hope he got lots of Catnip easter eggs for his photoshoot. The Easter goodies are so lovely, now we’re in for a Happy Easter..egg 😀 Pawkisses for a wonderful Sunday to all of you

  2. What fun products! They all look good, but i can’t afford them all. Decisions, decisions…

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