Who Won The Friskies?

The Friskies statuette

UPDATE: Did you miss the Friskies cat video awards show?  Go to TheFriskies.com and find out which cat won the $15,000 prize.
Twelve cats are eagerly anticipating The Friskies awards this afternoon. Who will win the coveted statuette (which, by the way, weighs about a squillion pounds) and $15,000?

Who’ll win? Hyder the amazing fetcher? The Which-Way-Did-It-Go team? Lulu the Ninja? The Cat Guy singining the Cat Lady song? Katie the Accused? The black stick-em-up kitten? Bonkers the Bag Ninja? Mika, the foot fetishist? The cardboard dreams crew? Oskar the adorable blind cat? Boo the cat alarm clock? Nylah the fetching enthusiast?

They’ll know within just a few hours. The awards show will be streamed LIVE ONLINE starting at 2:30pm PST and Mousebreath will be there to share the excitement.  Go to TheFriskies.com to watch the stream, or follow @mousebreathzine on twitter for live coverage.


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