The Golden Age of Cat Blogging: Gone But Not Forgotten

This has a week of losses. Those of you who know cat lady Julia Reiman, know she lost her dear Phil to cancer after a long brave battle. There was of course Daisy the Curly Cat, the empress of the Golden Age of Cat Blogging. And a couple of days later, Rick and Cyndi G. helped their cherished Katie Tulip make her journey to The Bridge.

These losses gut me. My friends are hurting, and I reflect on the inevitable day that I’ll have to say good-bye to a family member (human or feline).

I also reflect on the tremendous kindness that was showered upon me when Skeezix made his journey. Money was raised to donate to a rescue in his name. Memorials were posted. I was so verklempt over losing him so unexpectedly that I could not thank each and every person and their cats who remembered Skeezix in such a special way. I was undone.

And so, this week, I tried to remember all the cats I got to know during that Golden Age of Cat Blogging.

Kalin attends Skeezix’s Birthday Party
Rick (Shabby, Kalin, and Katie Tulip’s dad) was Skeezix’s very first fan. He reached out to Skeezix, and OMG, I was so surprised that someone had read Skeezy’s blog. I’d set it up as a sort of inside joke. When we adopted Skeezix he was such a skinny, tiny, ugly little thing. And the sweetest cat ever. I thought it would be fun to keep an online photo journal of his development, told from his purrspective.

The second fan was Kismet the Big Man Cat. Kismet’s mom, a professional journalist, nurtured Kismet’s aspirations to be the best cat blogger ever. Skeezix and Kismet became BFFs in no time flat.

Wow! There were other cat blogs out there! I started seeking them out, and many began stumbling upon Skeezix’s blog. A short time later, Catster was launched (I’d been bugging them incessantly about expanding Dogster to cats). For Skeezix’s birthday, we held a birthday pawty like no other via Catster. Dozens of cats pawticipated.

I had a grand vision of holding the pawty online, but also enabling the attendees to play along IRL while the pawty took place. I mailed out party packs to every cat who RSVPd. (Temptations, a toy, a Pin the Tail on the Maobutt game, catnip, etc.) There was a party hat contest that some cats enjoyed more than others.

Rosie beats Cheeto in a game of “Pin the Tale on the Maobutt.”

In the days leading up to the pawty, mountains of gifts for Skeezix from every corner of the country piled up on our doorstep. Mr Tasty Face couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on.

Victor Tabbycat at Skeezix’s Birthday Pawty
The party itself was held in two Catster groups (the reason for that escapes me now). I needed help facilitating it (as in, a couple of people to pose as Rocky and Mao), so I enlisted the help of Mr TF and my college-age nephew. (I’d like to have known how my neph’s frat brethren reacted to his description of that afternoon.)

It was a crazy few hours. I like to think that that pawty lit the fire of the Golden Age of Cat Blogging. Yeah, that’s hubris on my part, but it really took off about that time.

At the risk of leaving off some of my cherished cat friends, I’d like to list as many of the cat bloggers and some memories from those days as I can remember. (If I leave a few off, blame it on my TBI–I do have memory gaps. Leave a comment; I’ll add it.) The names in bold are cats I have been lucky enough to meet in purrson.

Abby the Manx
Angus Mohr
Atlas the Cat
Bogdan Robillard
Bravely Sir Robin
Cali, Snickers & Company
Camies Kitties
Castle of Grimalkin
Cheysuli, Gemini, Ichiro & Georgia
China and Stash
Coco, RayPod, Mouse, and later, Mochy and Brando
The Cyclone Cats
Daisy the Curly Cat, Harley and Pixie
Daisy Mae Maus and the Feline Americans
Derby and Ducky
Diego Gabaldon
Gordy Lamstein
Elle & Gimme Maves
Eric and Flynn
Fat Eric
Finn Stutfield
Finny, Buddy, and Jasmine Peluso
Fiona Bun, Lando and Diva Kitty
The Florida Furkids
Frankie Sinatra Cat
Ginger Jasper
Grover & Dexter Ramsey
Grr, Midnight and Cocoa
Grrreta Hickman
Hattie Kaufman
Hendrix Chiaramonte
Honey P Sunshine
Huffle Mawson
The HOT(m)BC
Jack the Cat
Jake and Bathsheba
Jan’s Funny Farm
Jeter Harris (and Whitey, Mickey, Matsui and Joba)
Junior and Orion
Kaika Williams
Karl of the Cat Realm
Kaze and Latte
KC Sherwood
Kimo and Sabi
Kismet the Big Man Cat and Sophie
Louis and Ethan Evans
Luxor Nimmo
Ma Chia Jing
Mao and Yao-Lin
Madison Pastva
Marilyn Monrow
Max and Buddha
Meeko and Kiara
Merlin & Dobby
Meowers from Missouri (Nels, Sir Edmund, Nitro, Xing Lu)
Miles the Cat
Miss Arial Betancourt
Monty Q
Mr Echo, Spencer and Tenny
Parker and Rudy Miller
Percy Stephens
Pippin and Turtle Moore
Princess Bolton
Princes Mia
Rocky Ann
Rocky the Gutter Cat
Rosie and Cheeto
Ruben and Gordy
Samantha Black and Tigger
Sammy and Miles Meezer and Billy
Samoa, Violet, and Calvin
Scooter Cunningham
Skeeter and LC
Skeezix the Cat
Sparkle the Designer Kitty
Stevie, Bitey and Lucy
Tara, Princess Meezer
Taz and all his housemates in Dearborn, including Orv and Marvel Ann.
Tazo, Earl Grey, and Titus the Frootbat Dawg
Ms Tiger Woods
Timothy Dickens
Turtle and Pippin
Victor and Bonnie Underfoot
Wally the Island Cat
William of Mass Destruction
Willow China Cat and Samantha
Zenith and the Fancidots Gang
Zippy, Speedy, and Sadie

Yep, you read that right. It’s Horny Goat Week. Legal in Livonia.
During the Golden Age, cat blogging was frenetic, with multiple daily posts, springing back and forth between blogs, each one riffing off the other. Skeezix had some long-running storylines: waiting for the short bus, educating the world about the vishus deer menniss, competing in the Nashunul Spellin Bee with his coach Da Grate Jeter Harris, his trip to Ireland and discovery of Mother’s Milk. He only got the stories started. The magic happened when all the other blogosphere cats jumped in and pawticipated in the narrative.

I was happy to be along for the ride. I not only got to meet a surprising number of the blogosphere cats in person, but their moms and dads, too. Some have become my dearest friends, even though we live a continent apart.

The Golden Age of Cat Blogging came to an end on November 28, 2013, when Daisy the Curly Cat ended her blog. Only a few of the old timers who were part of that Golden Age are still around; even fewer are still blogging. Each one that goes to The Bridge takes a little piece of my heart.

Mr Tasty Face and Skeezix wait for the short bus that never came.

30 thoughts on “The Golden Age of Cat Blogging: Gone But Not Forgotten

  1. I dont think it has passed, just evolved or morphed to fit a new generation that has many constraints. Sad but true things do not seem as hectic and fun as they used to be, but I think what goes around comes around—after all it is not us cats who have changed just the space humans occupy. PLUS, when things turn bad, which they always do, folk always turn to cats (and dogs) for comfort fun and adventure. We will rise again, and again…. but first we must have a nap 😉
    Purrs for a great informative piece.

  2. The was Empress something and Brach(olli). Abby the Manx. Monty Q. Princess Mia. Sorry if they are on the list already; there’s something making my eyes water.

    And today I read that Grumpy Cat Tardar Sauce has passed away. She was a feline ambassador for grumpiness.

  3. Oh, it was a wonderful time of cat blogs! Thank you for remembering China Cat, Willow and Samantha. So many names and so many terrific memories of all the cats. Currently, Spike William is our resident cat and he has continued on blogging on China Cat’s Blog, although not as frequently as she did.

    We remember and miss all of those cats who came before…..

    Purrrrrrrrrrrs, Spike William and Mom Teri

  4. Please could you add angel Ginger Jasper. I so miss all the old blogging days. I made so many good friends and many in person from blogging about my sweet Ginger Jasper. So many have left for the bridge now but we remember them all so fondly.

  5. Meeting such creative people… that was the bonus! Thank you FL for the fun we had and for the friendship we developed.
    Wow … that list of SMART cats boggles the mind.

  6. My sweet Meeko and Kiara (the original Lone Star Purrs) started blogging in 2005-06ish. Reading through the list of names was like taking a trip down memory lane!! Y’all were with us when our daughters were born and during our MANY moves with the USAF. Sadly, both my fur babies have crossed the bridge (Kiara this past February), but our memories remain!

    ~LSP Momma Becca

  7. Those were wonderful days, full of fun and friendships. Then came the day when the kitties started heading for the bridge, leaving such sadness behind. We remember so many on your list, with both tears and smiles. Thanks for the memories. We loved Skeezix. And Daisy. And …. And all of those we lost from our own blog.

  8. Couple I thought of…William of Mass Destruction and his sibs, Timothy Dickens, Grrr (I forget who the rest of her family was),

  9. Can you add Georgia’s name to Chey, Gemini, and Ichiro’s list? She was part of our early blog, though she didn’t get a whole lot of press time (Georgia didn’t need to feel a part of the limelight and was happy to let Chey do that).

  10. The cat blogging community has been around for so long that we’ve pretty much lost our first generation of cat bloggers. It’s sad, but at least the memories (and often, blog posts) are still there.

  11. I loved blogging back then. I begin blogging back in 2008 with Sweet Praline. I loved getting to know all of the cats and the people behind the blogs. I was lucky to meet many of the humans in person in my travels for work.

  12. Blogging was such a fun time back then. Having just lost Wally, my heart still aches…he was such an inspiration for me. If you could add my sweet orange boy to your list, it would be appreciated. ~Island Cat Mom

  13. You missed my late grate bro Derby the Sassy Cat! He used to tell me all sorts of stories about the good old days. I sort of got in on the end, but not the beginning.

    1. Mea culpa. I had both you and Derby on my original list but lost it somehow when I was alphabetizing…it’s been added!

  14. We started to blog in mid-2008 and were relative newbies in those glory years but we do remember quite a few of those names, and been saddened each time one went to the Bridge, and the blogs vanished with them. Since we started blogging, we have lost Sen-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Sei-Chan, but we continue to blog, even though we also have a Facebook page, and always love any news of the old-timers.

    #1 of The Poupounette

    1. Adding it! Honestly, I was thinking it when I made the list, but my old brain can’t hold anything in it for more than 3 seconds. Thanks, Cory!

  15. Mia & Ghost had their first post on May 6, 2005 after we had discovered some existing cat blogs. We never were as consistent with our posting as many other bloggers and once we lost Mia it became much harder to continue. However, I guess the biggest memory isn’t specific to an event but mainly to the cats, human and few dogs that because friends virtually.

    1. I know what you mean. Once I lost Skeezix I lost my cat blogging voice. Tried it briefly with Buckaroo and Banzai, but it wasn’t the same.

  16. I didn’t blog myself, but I read a lot of these and played on Catster. Fun times, thx 4 the memories.

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