The Mousebreath Scavenger Hunt Winner is….


Mousebreath Scavenger Hunt winner

I am VARY excited to announse the winners of the May Mousebreath Scavenger Hunt. Thare was a lot of competishun rite down to the end, with sevrul cats not only finding all 8 clues, but also gitting a bonus fur posting a badge on thare blog or Catster profile.

We drew a name at randum frum all the finulists, and the winners are…..


drumrole, pleeze…..


can you bare the excitement????? ……


The winners of the $50 Amazon gift card are….



Sassy and CalicoRose McGregor!

Sassy and CalicoRose win the Mousebreath May Scavenger Hunt!


For those of you hoo don’t know what the Scavenger Hunt is all about, each month Mousebreath will host a scavenger hunt acrost the cat blogosphere. The clues will be hidden in mousebreath posts during the current munth.

When you find a clue, solve it by going to the blog of the cat you think the clue is talking about. If yer rite, there will be a mousebreath graphic telling you you’ve solved the clue. All you have to do is leeve a comment on that blog saying “I’ve got mousebreath!” (Yeah, it’s a little imberrissing, but it’s werth it to win the prize!”). That’s it!

You can get credit for an extra clue each month by posting the mousebreath badge (in the right column here) on yer blog.

Stay tuned for the beginning of June’s scavenger hunt… I have a feeling the Victor Tabbycat is taking no prizzuners!!!!

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