What a Croc! The Sasquatch Mancat Mancave

pink crocs cat bed

Hay evrybuddy, Fred heer with anuther addishun of Mancat Mancaves.

I have a cunfesshun to make.

I realize that this pawticular mancat mancave is not that manly, but I thot the gerlcat in this foto wuz so hot, I wuz hoping that maybe if she wuz doing a vanity serch of herself online she’d run acrost this post sayin I thot she wuz hot and then she’d fall in luv with me, me being an innernet columnist and all. So if yer that gerlcat, pleeze leeve a comment cuz mmmmm, mmmmm I’d love to get me sum of that stripey goodnesss.

Anyway, this fo Crocs Cat Bed comes in a lot of diffrint colors so if yer imberrist being seen in a gerly pink bed, you can by whutever color you wunt.

But the thing about the pink (taken frum a mancat hoo knowz) is that gerlcats reely love it. It’s like a magnet to them. And it tells them that yer seekyer in yer mancatliness even if you don’t have yer boy bits anymore.

This mancat mancave is all nice and padded, and has a little hidey hole bilt in fur privacy. No room for a big skreen teevee, tho…. this is more like a kozy beech kottidge than a big mancave. But kozy is good. Espeshully if you have sumbuddy stripey to share it with.


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