The Tardis and Other Cat Balls!

Tardis cat ball - cat bed and mancat mancave

Mancats, you’ll love these cat balls whether you’ve had yer hoohaectomy or not!

This week’s Mancat Mancave feechers Cat Balls, pritty hidey holes that can hold you and yer speshul ladycat, no problim.

My faverit is the Tardis Cat Ball (pikcherd above). You can’t git much more mancatly than having yer own Tardis. And if yoo an yer ladycat have a little cat fight, you can just jump off to anuther century. How’s that fur cunveenyunce?

Heer are ixamples of mancats enjoying thare cat balls:

Cat loving his Cat Ball

This shoze how much fun you can have annoying her bruthers and sisters with the cat ball:

cat ball mancat mancave

(That one just kraks me up!)

Mancats have discuverd many ways to enjoy thare balls:

Cat Ball fun

Here’s a studly mancat and a “frend” enjoying his cat ball. See? Vary roomy!

cat balls cat beds

Where to Get Cat Balls

You can buy cat balls at the cat ball shop. You can also have one custum made with yer own fabrix. If you akt qwik you can git 20% off with coupon code Easter20!

2 thoughts on “The Tardis and Other Cat Balls!

  1. Thanks for featuring my Cat Ball here! The photos all show my Jumbo size, and it is big enough for two cats to share. Most of the Cat Balls that I make now are a smaller size, and I’ve even seen two kitties in them!

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