The Team Dash Kitten Family


We are pleased to have the feline clowder from the blog interviewing with us today.

There are nine kitties but only four of them blog: Editor in Chief Miranda, Tech Editor Silver, Middle Earth Monday Correspondent Harvey Button, and Junior Blogger Phoebe. As the eldest, Peanut is The Boss of all, including Sienna, Dot Kitten, Natasha and Jack. A very busy and interesting family, so pull up a cushion and make yourself comfortable.

Funny Farmer Felines: Please introduce yourselves and your human.

Silver: Harvey, so I get to start us off? Can I???? Can I???? Can I????

Harvey: *sighs* OK, Silver, go head. *eyeroll*

Silver: *cough cough* OK, there is a team of staff at Dash Kitten; someone commented when our Founder Cat Dash Kitten passed away that it took a team to do his job. They were right, so let me present the blog family of Team Dash Kitten

Harvey Button is a former stray that was dumped by two families and trapped by the Upper Hutt Animal Rescue (UHARS) where mum volunteers. Harvey was in quite a state when he was trapped, malnourished and stricken with nervous eczema. He is now our senior blogger and covers Middle-Earth Monday and all things New Zealand. Harvey is now snow white all over and not a trace of his eczema remains. Harvey is @HarveyButtonNZ on Twitter. He is also proud to barktend for the monthly #NipClub fund raising pawty.

Our immediate boss is Miranda Kitten, the Editor-in-Chief of the blog. She supervises quietly with a firm paw and sometimes posts. My active young sisfur and myself were adopted from UHARS and Miranda and I both love the great outdoors and enjoy our local area. Miranda loves a cuddle more than I do although dad can pick me up and I don’t mind! Miranda is a member of #TheAviators group on Twitter as @MirandaKitten

Phoebe Kitten is aka the airhead. No? * looks at Harvey * Not really. She is a major fluffball who aspires to submit blogposts from time to time for her diary. She has kitty ADD and forgets everything but Bird TV and mealtimes. She is another UHARS alumnus. We would not let Phoebe loose in Twitter; she would be all pink glitter and fashion chat.

I’m Silver Kitten, Twitter member @SilverKittenNZ, barktender for the monthly #NipClub pawty. I do the active brain-powered stuff on the blog like the Tech Help. We realised people often get overlooked or find explanations very complicated so we like to see if we can spotlight things and explain them in easy steps. It’s a growth area for us. I am an active boy given to disappearing for periods of time and worrying mum to death. Well, what does she expect in summer with the great outdoors?

Oh, and Mum runs an online jewellery shop named Whskr. Mum works from home and recently began a commission to create portrait dolls. This is an exciting development for her. She hates winter in New Zealand as she is a colour person and NZ turns a bit dreary and cloudy grey.

Dash Kitten1_resized

Funny Farmer Felines: How did you come to live together?

Harvey: We are all waifs and strays, mostly from UHARS. Dot (Dash’s sisfur) hails from nearby Greytown over the Rimutaka Ranges, as does Sienna the tortie. Mum and dad are blessed with a decent bit of space for us to live in so they paw it forward by helping adopt and foster cats.

Peanut, age 18.5 years, is the last surviving cat from mum and dad coming over from Great Britain to live here in New Zealand. She was one of four who travelled over in the same plane as mum and dad but they missed the connection at Auckland Airport so got a later flight down.

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Funny Farmer Felines: Do you have any nicknames?

Harvey: Let me see… Nicknames eh? Well I am Harvey ‘Button’ (no idea why, neither does mum).

Peanut is Peanut the WeeNut, or Poonit, or PeanutPusscat, or Peanut the Weenut PusscatWussCatPoo.

Silver: She will kill you for telling that one!

Harvey: Dot is DotKin. Splotkin, or Dottie. Jack is ‘JackTheGingerBoy or JikkyJakJack. Sienna gets off scot free *frowns* Natasha is ‘Tasha or her full name, rarely ‘Tash (its too close to Dash).

Miranda is ‘Manda or Mirandamonium. Phoebe is (for dad) ‘The Phoebster’ or PhoebieWeeb. I think that’s it. Right Miranda?

Miranda: *nods* That’s it, Harvey.

Funny Farmer Felines: Tell us a little about the area where you live.

Miranda: I can answer this one guys. Move over!

We are blessed with a decent garden, set back from the road, so relatively safe. We can chase skinks, stick insects and mice but don’t have too much success with birds. If we do Mum tends to get to us before we can have fun and the bird goes free. In winter, bird tv is available on all sides of the house with comfortable loungers, cat trees and towels to dry us off when we come in wet.

We live very near Wellington, the greatest little capital city on the planet. The centre of Wellington is the ultimate in walkability. There are hills to keep walkers happy (and cyclists UNhappy) and 20 minutes out of town we can be at the seaside. Wellington is also home to the World of Wearable arts festival every year, a show we have blogged about and find artistically inspiring.

Wellington is home to Weta Workshop and inspired many of our Middle-Earth Monday posts, thanks to the feast of Hobbit and Lord of the Rings creativity going on here. Our ongoing Hobbit Custome Trail posts have us reporting closeups on many of the original costumes from the movies.

Funny Farmer Felines: What kind of mischief do you prefer?

Silver: Mischief? Us? *shifty look* Well, I disappear for days, which upsets Mum but life’s not been the same since my best friend Riley was knocked down by a car and crossed the Bridge last Christmas. I am a bit of a loner now and I often spend some time just looking over at his house. But, we all LOVE being outside with mum and dad in the garden while they tidy and work, or sip a coffee. Summer is a good time for us.

Phoebe gets under everyones feet while mum and dad hang out the washing. She is way too small to help but she’s keen. Sienna is mischief queen (although she doesn’t blog). She greets mum or dad by popping up, claws out, and saying hello beside their chair. Frustrating for Dad when he is busy but he copes (with gritted teeth).

Peanut chases her favorite mylar crinkle ball all over the bed. Mum and dad have to rescue it from the floor as Peanut can get up and down the pet stairs but they save her the trip.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you participate in any blogging events or belong to any groups or clubs?

Phoebe: We try our best to take part and visit people on the wonderful Sunday Selfie by pals The Cat on my Head.

Funny Farmer Felines: How long have you been blogging and what made you begin?

Harvey: I will handle this one guys.

We had our third blogoversary, in January 2015. We celebrated quietly as it was the middle of Dad’s summer holidays. (Summer is January/March here in New Zealand.)

Why did Dash start? I am not sure, but we think it was because he had a voice and wanted to use it to jump into the middle of the blogging world and spread joy, love and hope, with a giggle now and again. Dash wanted to be part of the worldwide community and reach out a paw to help those less fortunate than himself. He died on 6th September 2013 and we carry on, trying to channel his totally fearless spirt of helping others in different ways. His loss is felt every day, as I am sure you can imagine

Funny Farmer Felines: Are you planning anything special for the future of your blog?

Miranda: If you visit the blog from time to time you will have noticed we just had a revamp, which seems to have gone down well with our readers. At least once a year we like to freshen things up while keeping the integrity of the blog’s look with a bit of a “spit and polish”.

For the future we hope to get into more Blog Paws campaigns. We also hope to do more book and cat product reviews as we are keen readers. Our current book favorite is best dating apps for young professionals edited by Janiss Garza. We helped sponsor the volume *proud ears* but wanted an ebook copy as well.   We aim to help each month’s story/rescue as much as we can.

Silver: Videos. We hope to post more videos online. This is a new area, so we are researching before we jump right in. We have to get the tech part right.

Funny Farmer Felines: We would like to thank Harvey Button for approving our request for this interview so we could interview the Team and also learn a little about the non-blogging members of the fur family.

Individual photos were provided by Dash Kitten.

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  1. Guys, you are most gracious, what a thrill to be interviewed and get to know such awesome people. Thank you too. Isa, we are indeed worried for Grandma’s kitty.

  2. guys…..awesum interviews FFF and we loved yur storeez harvey & crew…N we wood all sew like ta say…..pardon me, watch out Dai$y coming through, I would like to say Phoebe…my stars girl, you sooooo need to forget the bird tv and yes indeed a fashion chat would be FABulous….simply FABulous; you must blog more often, why we could go on and on and….N thatz it frum her……uz boyz iz bak …grate fun interviews guys !! 🙂 ♥♥♥

  3. You have insects made of sticks? And what are skinks? I’m not much of a hunter myself but skinks sound kind of interesting… They’re not scary, are they? Not sure I’m into scary… Are they big? Bigger than a june bug? I hate those so I don’t chase them. They might chase me, though. MOUSES!


  4. Mes has only met the Dash kitties recently and mes thinks they is terrific! Thanks for letting mes knows more about them!

  5. A great interview about some very interesting kitties indeed 🙂 sounds like the land of the great white cloud has some super cats! hugs Fozziemum

  6. Bravissimo, dear friends! That was fantastic!

    You know we love you, pals, and it was such a treat to learn more about you all.

    Big hugs and headbonks,

    Moosey, Gracie, and Zoe, and Mom and Dad, too

  7. We all really like the new look of your blog. That book Rescued is wonderful and we are so glad to also have been a part of getting these important stories out about the joy of rescued cats
    Timmy and family

  8. A fantastic interview. Such a huge family…my goodness gravy. Team Dash Kitten is certainly a busy family enterprise. We truly enjoyed this interview. Good going our new friends.

    Kitty kisses,

    Shoko and Kali

  9. WOO HOO!! Team Dash Kitten totally ROCKS THE PAW BLOGOSPHERE! They have so much fun and the most interesting things to share about NZ. Mom L and Dad P are going there next year!!!

  10. Boy, was this a great interview. Maybe kitties just know how to interview well. Okay, doggies, too, but kitties really have the knack. New Zealand, wow. A long way, and for your info, it’s further than Atlanta, haha.
    Thank you for a really in depth interview, Funny Farmer Kitties.

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