My Time on Ford’s Test Track by Skeezix the Cat

Skeezix the Cat is a vary good driver

As you all know, I am a vary good driver. And I like driving Fords. Cuz the name is eezy to spell.

Last week, me and the Food Lady got invited by Ford to a teknology confrinse that was vary intristing. The best part was on the 3rd day win we got to go out to Ford’s famous test track and do lots of FAST drivin’. It was grate.

I’m sure I was invited doo to my internashunul reputation as a good driver. It was like a dreem come troo. Heer are the driving things I got to do on the Ford Test Track:

  • Drag Race in a Ford F-150 with Eco-Boost (I think the “F” in “F-150” stands for feline. Or maybe furball.)
  • Tackle an outdoor off-road course in a Ford Explorer
  • Take a drive on the hiway trak and compeet to git the best gas mileage or just go as fast as yoo could. (You know what I chose to do!)
  • Got sum grate bad-wether driving tips and demo by a purrfeshunul test driver in a Mustang
  • Got a demo with a purrfeshunul driver of intellijent car teknology
  • Got to drive a Ford Explorer that parralel parked ITSELF!

Off track, we got to see cars that had wireless teknology bilt in. So I think in a few munths yoo’ll be able to drive a car AND do voice-rekugnishun blogging AT THE SAME TIME!

Heer is a pikcher of me giving the Mustand driver sum drivin’ tips:


Skeezix gives professional driver tips at Forward with Ford

And heer are the drivin’ tips that Ford gave us drivers. Notiss the refrinse to Kitty Litter:


Forward with Ford -- All weather driving tips

Heer I am gittin reddy to drag race. The purrfeshunul driver in the driver’s seet was thare to tell me win to go cuz I coodn’t reely see over the windsheeld to see the go lites. Or the rode.


Skeezix the Cat drag races at Forward with Ford

As yoo can planely see, Ford is on the forefrunt of bilding cars that are purrfect for cats to drive without having to have sumwun help by pushing the gas pedul for you.

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6 thoughts on “My Time on Ford’s Test Track by Skeezix the Cat

  1. Lukky Skeezix! My Mom duzn’t reelly want me to drive becuz I spend too much time yelling at all the uther drivers.

  2. Doood! How awesome! No one ever lets me drive ANYTHING, and I might be more willing to venture out if I could do the driving. Though I wouldn’t want to drive a rumbly bike. Nope.

    I hope Fors makes a kitty friendly convertible. That would be AWESOME!

  3. What the….?

    I can’t even manage the 4 mile ride to the vet in our Ford Escape without freaking out…




  4. Cool, dude! I’m relieved that you’re a better driver than Toonces, the driving cat. My mommie told me that her first car was a Ford Pinto! She said that the company has made a great turnaround, but she likes her Prius.

  5. Skeez, the F in F-150 definitely stands for feline. My Dad just bought me a new bright red one and I’ll never have to drive in the Old WS’ stodgy sedan again!

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