Toe Tapping Casting Call


Hey, it’s time to dust off your tap shoes or show off your singing skills.  Don’t be shy.  We’re hoping to get to know you better.

The last time we held a “casting call” we had so many responses, it’s taken us a number of months to work through them.  We’re not quite finished, but life happens and sometimes when we’re ready, circumstances have changed for the blogging kitty and there’s a delay. So, we decided to be good kitty scouts and be prepared.

We’re looking for a few blogging kitties who would like to be interviewed.   Just send us a video of what you consider to be your best talent – singing, dancing, chasing your sibling, playing musical back-up on the venetian blinds, modeling – whatever you do best.

Oh, wait, you don’t need to do any of those things for us.  We’re just interested in getting your life story to share with our readers.

You can leave a comment here, but we need you to stop by Jan’s Funny Farm and use either the mailbox or the comment form in our left sidebar to send us  –

Your name.  (Mousebreath is a cat ezine so we want to hear from kitties.)

Your blog name and url.

Your  email address.

How many cats there are in your home.  Are there any other furries  – dog, guinea pig, etc?

Tell us a little about yourself and your blog.  For example, how / why you started blogging, does your blog have a particular theme, has something funny or bizarre happened to you, are you active in blogging events or perhaps you’re fairly new to blogging ….  Just tell us something / some things about yourself and your family you would want to share so we can get to know you or get to know you better before we send the interview questions.   Humor is good but serious is okay too.  Every cat is different. Just be yourself!

We have enjoyed working with all the cats we have interviewed to date.  Let us know you’re interested and send us the information needed to start the process to get you on the publication list, and you just might be featured next

9 thoughts on “Toe Tapping Casting Call

  1. We are very interested in being interviewed. 🙂 We’ll send you an e-mail at Jan’s Funny Farm to tell you a bit more about us.

    Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

  2. Oh I forgot to answer the questions. I started the blog as a normal blog back in 2011 it transformed over time to a blog where I do interviews with various pets. Currently I’m hosting a black cat appreciation month.

    I’m still new to the blogging community.

    Something about me.. all the cats have “b” names. Bubby, buggy, miss bitty and boo.

    They each have their own personalities and boo may be the youngest but he has a huge personality.

  3. My cat boo would love to tell his story. He is one of four cats in the house and flew from Ohio down to Florida to live with me.

  4. Okay, I guess you want a few things here about me to get started with. It’s hard to say only a few things cuz I like to talk.

    I decided to write a blog because I had stomatitis and had to have all my toothies pulled out at the age 3 yrs, 10 months by an animal dentist (yes there is such a thing). I wanted to share my story with other animals that had the same problem or were recently diagnosed so they would know It’s not that horrible. My full dental story is at the top of my bloggy in a tab called “My Toothie Story”. I’m on Twitter too as @Mariodacat and have already helped several kitties that have had the same diagnosis.

    I’d love to be interviewed.

  5. I’m not quite sure how to go about this – afterall, I’m just a kitty! I did get an auto-response email back from Jan’s Funny Farm. If you’ll give me some sort of address to write to, I’ll be happy to share my story.


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