Trend is Friend for Pet-Owning Renters (INFOGRAPHIC)

Back in the day, when we were renters, the prospect of moving focused almost entirely upon our cats. The pool of pet friendly properties was small and our list of cat-friendly requirements was long. We found landlords who would allow pets but required prohibitively ginormous pet deposits. A lot of the pet-friendly properties were dumps. We began to wonder if we could get away with not mentioning the cats (never a good idea).

Trend is the Friend of Pet-Owning Renters

Fortunately, landlords are starting to recognize that an increasing number of potential tenants are pet owners and consequently, more buildings are becoming available to meet the demand.

In a recent survey commissioned by, nearly 70 percent of renters surveyed reported having no difficulties finding pet-friendly apartments. More than half of respondents reported having to pay a pet deposit at their current residence and 36% had to pony up more than $200 for additional pet deposits.

“Renters have made it clear that not accommodating a pet could be a deal breaker in their apartment search, and many apartment managers have taken this feedback into consideration and adjusted pet policies,” said Tammy Kotula, public relations and promotions manager for “There are plenty of pet-friendly options out there for renters who want to have a pet or even for those who just like the idea of being in a pet-friendly apartment community.”

More than 34 percent of respondents didn’t have pets, but enjoyed living in pet-friendly buildings. 20 percent of non-pet owning renters said they avoid buildings that allow pets.

I thought that cats would be the runaway pet choice among renters, so I was surprised to learn that they came in second to small dogs (24.2% vs. 35.5%).

For tips on pet-friendly renting, read Things You Need to Know About Living in an Apartment with a Pet located in the Apartment Living section on

4 thoughts on “Trend is Friend for Pet-Owning Renters (INFOGRAPHIC)

  1. Oh and, they want $25 a month per cat and I imagine they would want the $200 per cat deposit. I have managed to escape with only one deposit and an extra $25 a month, effectively charging me for just one cat as opposed to 3. **wipes sweat off brow** Whew!

  2. My complex allows pets and always has. However, they are adopting the breed specific isues, which bothers me.

    I did suggest to them that animals moving in should be spayed/neutered for a variety of reasons, but of course their main thought is to cut down on the community cat population.

  3. When I lost my house, finding an apartment that would not only let me keep my cat for a reasonable amount of rent, but also wouldn’t charge me an extra deposit that was sky-high. I got lucky. It’s not a super luxurious apartment, but the deposit was only $20, and the increase in my rent was only $15/month. (as opposed to a place right around the corner that wanted $200 cat deposit, the cat HAD to be declawed, and they also wanted an extra $50/month on the rent)
    I have turned places down that clearly didn’t want my cat there, and there are better apartments in town, but we’re comfy here, and there’s extra money in the catnip budget. =^_^=

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