Tripp the Cat Gets Tripped up in Storm Drain

Kitten Trapped in Storm Drain is Rescued

Well, mousebreathers, this week a kitten named Tripp (no werd on whether he’s related to Tripp the Psyko Stray Cat or not) was trapped, hangin’ frum his skinny nek frum a storm drane grate in Nashua New Hamshure. Akshully, I gess his nek wasn’t so skinny cuz it was stuk with no wiggle room.

Forchewnitly, handsome and buff firemen frum TWO towns came to Tripp’s rescue. They werked for more than 8 hours to unstick Tripp’s nek frum the cast iron grate that was 2 inches thick and wade about a hundred pownds. Tripp’s nek was stuck so tite it couldn’t even be pulled free when it was soaped up.

The handsome and buff firemen tride to cut the grate with the Jawz of Life. That didn’t werk. So they tride blow torches. They didn’t werk. Then they tride a circular saw.

They covered Tripp with heating blankets and a v-e-t did the stabby stuff so that Tripp could kinda zone out wile they were werkin’ to free him. They also gave Tripp oxygen and repositioned him sevral times to take the presher off his skinny nek. Poor Tripp went in and out of consciousness thruout the rescue.

After the handsome and buff firemen cut away most of the grate, they transported Tripp and what was left of the grate around his skinny neck to Rockingham Emergency Veterinary Hospital.

I am happy to repurrt that Tripp is doing fine and recovering with his family in Pelham.

“We’ve had dogs through the ice before, but this is the first time I’ve been involved in something like this,” handsome and buff paramedik Robert Horne said.

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  1. If Ai woz stuk in a grate Ai’d wont dem hansun n buff fiermen to reskoo me. Dey is heeroez! – De Alfie <3

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