Tuesday Travels: Destination Kansas

skeezix and dorothy wizard of oz

Today, my frends, I realized a lifelong dreem. I got to go to Kansas, ware my idol Judy Garlund was in the Wizzerd of Oz. And I got to dress in my Dorothy Gale outfit for the trip.

Win we got to Kansas, we had dinner with sum old frends and sum new frends. Sevrul Flat Cats (L to R below: Mao, Sparky Fuzzypants, Skeezix, Ozzie) were in attendance.

mao, sparky, skeezix, ozzie

Then we wint to a myoozeum ware I got to do lots of neet stuff. Thare was a lot of Wizzerd of Oz stuff:

skeezix and dorothy wizard of oz

And I got to ride like a cowboy in a saddle!!!!!

I got to be the enjineer on a trane!

I got to drive a stagecoach!

skeezix drives a stagecoach

And I found my vary own toto!!!! His name is Lucky Diamond and he’s famous.

So, that’s whut my ferst day in Kansas was like! I was vary thrilled to meet old frends and make new frends and I can’t wate to see whut we git to do tomorrow!!!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Travels: Destination Kansas

  1. Our human mom grew up in kansas and loves the wizard of oz u bring out the purrfect style in oz fashoin

  2. Hey Skeezix. If they do a remake of the *Wizard of Oz* you are the perfect replacement for Judy Garland. You look PAWesome 🙂

    1. I’m vary sad about not gitting to vizit my Kansas frends, Bocce. Our itinerary is packed frum 7am until I fly out. But I like Kansas so much that I hope I can come back.

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