The Winner of Last Week’s Caption Contest is….

Tuxie Tuesday Cat Models Sweater

For last week’s Tuxie Tuesday, we had a quickie caption contest for which the winner would get a sampling of the new Temptations! It was very hard to pick a winner, but after much laughing and paw-wrestling and rock-paper-scissors playing, we crowned a victor.

Actually, a pair of victors …. we picked Pixel and Samba’s caption: Just because you have no dating life doesn’t mean you should kill mine too. Pixel and Samba win 3 bags of Temptations in their brand new flavors: Surfers’ Delight, Backyard Cookout and Blissful Catnip.

Thank you all for playing!

Do you know what this handsome tuxie fellow is thinking? Leave a caption in the comments (enter a valid email addy so we can contact you if you win), and the best will win a package of Temptations in a brand new flavor! DEADLINE: June 8th 11:59pm PT.

[PHOTO CREDIT:Observation Post]

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  1. “when I get out of this contraption SOMEONE is going to pay…remember I know where you SLEEP mom!!!”

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