Two Men, 4,000 Cats

Canopy Cat Rescue is cats’ best friend. Cat Guys Tom Otto and Shawn Sears realized how difficult (and sometimes impossible) it is for people to rescue treed cats. And they knew how heart-wrenching it can be to discover your missing kitty is 40 ft up a tree, cold, hungry, tired, and scared, unable to find her way down. So they founded CCR, promising to rescue moggies in distress and reunite them with their families. They’ve been at it in Washington state since 2009, and have saved about 4000 cats during that time. They’ve rescued cats in trees as high as 105 ft.

They rescue cats anytime, day or night, in all kinds of weather, AND they work on a donations-only basis because they don’t want anyone to give up on rescuing a treed cat because they can’t afford it. They explain, “It’s our mission and passion to rescue any cat stuck in any tree regardless of their family’s financial situation.”

I’m gonna storybomb this discussion with MY purrsonal cat-stuck-in-a-tree story: Our previous home was on a hillside heavily wooded with oak trees. One afternoon, my neighbor alerted me that there was a cat in a nearby tree, and she thought he might be ours. Sure enough, a glance up the tree confirmed it was our chocolate point Balinese.

A couple of people had already gathered and were deep into a discussion of how best to rescue the dear thing. One eager man volunteered to climb the tree and bring the cat back to earth. He reached the cat, successfully grabbed it, and descended. As they got closer, we realized it was NOT our cat (note to self: keep your glasses on), and once back on the ground he scampered off. Our Balinese had been napping on our bed the whole time.

Anyway, back to Tom and Shawn… they’re both certified arborists, so they’re no strangers to tree climbing. They’re happy being able to marry their tree-climbing skills with their love of felines. If you’d like to support their efforts, you can donate here. You can follow all of their rescues via their pawpular YouTube channel that features their rescues.

4 thoughts on “Two Men, 4,000 Cats

  1. God bless these guys – and all like them who help cats ! One of my rescues was gotten out of an 80-foot tree after three days – one of which was a blizzard.

  2. Wow. Most of the time, a cat can get out of a tree, climbing down backward and carefully, but not always. When they can’t, it is heartbreaking and difficult to find help. These two are heroes.

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