Ulysses the Ginger Tom a Breakout Star at Cannes


Maybe they’ll stop talking about Uggie, now.

This year, the buzz at the Cannes Film Festival was all about Ulysses, the ginger tom who stars in Joel and Ethan Coen’s new movie “Inside Llewyn Davies”. 

Obviously, those associated with the movie were jealous of the attention the cat has garnered. Director Joel Coen dissed the six cats used during filming, saying, “They are not easy to train, or guide onscreen. So it was a bit of a pain in the ass.”

Co-star Justin Timberlake, who plays a folk singer in the film, complained “They had a large rider of requests, a specific type of cat food.”  

Star Oscar Isaac, who carries the cat during most of the movie, whined about the dangers of filming with a cat.  “One freaked out on me and scratched me in the face,” said Isaac. “That’s what happens when you tie a cat to you and run into the subway.”

None of the six cats used in the filmed made it to the red carpet or the after-parties. Whan asked why they were no-shows, Ginger — who acts as the spokescat for the group — said, “We are currently involved in a dispute with the Coen brothers over not receiving top billing, which naturally we expected to receive when we signed on to the project. So, on the advice of our attorney, we will not be purrmoting the film.”   

3 thoughts on “Ulysses the Ginger Tom a Breakout Star at Cannes

  1. Rightly so that you guys should complain! Isn’t there a Kitty Movie Union or something? I’d freak out, too, if someone tied ME to them and ran into a subway with me! What the meow did they EXPECT that cat to do?!

    HOOMANS! No, worse?

    ACTORS! Sheesh!


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