United Bamboo: Official Couturier of Grumpy Cat


Could Grumpy Cat be a Feline Fashionista?

United Bamboo (the guys who make those mother-daughter cat fashion outfits and the cat fashion calendars) are now the official couturier of Grumpy Cat.




You can wear clothing from United Bamboo, too. And not just any cat clothing, but the exact same outfits worn by the cat models for the 2013 calendar (Grumpy Cat did not pawticipate in that photo shoot). Truly one-of-a-kind, only one outfit of each exists – the one actually worn by the cat in the photo shoot (just like getting something from the consignment shop, complete with interesting smells.)



So where’s the photo of grumpy cat strutting her stuff? Well, knowing you’d suspect any photo to be ‘shopped, we’ve got the video:

You can buy the matchy-poo outfits at UnitedBamboo.com. The one at the top, a zippered-shoulder printed silk cocktail dress is $59. The plaid kilt set is $89, plus $49 for the poplin shirt underneath. The sequined va-va-va-voom mini dress is $69. Prices quoted are for the cat clothing only, cat not included.

2 thoughts on “United Bamboo: Official Couturier of Grumpy Cat

  1. Grumpy Cat wears clothes!!!!!!!! Tard how could you?

    You will not catch me the original Grumpy Girl in human outfits. Especially something MOMMY would wear MEwwwwwwwww!!!!!

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