6 Vintage Suitcases Transformed into Chic, Cozy Cat Beds

Cat Bed made from upcycled vintage suitcase
When your people go on a trip, how many of you jump into their boring black carry-ons, hoping that your pitiful looks will convince them not to go? And how many of you wish you could stay inside those carry-ons when you discover they really are nice and cozy?

Well, years ago, when your great-great-great-great grandparents were kittens, sootcases weren’t all boring black. And they had sleek, spaceage styling, like sumthing out of Mad Men.

There is a vintage American Tourister sootcase in yer back closet or stowed away in yer garage. I know. I’ve seen them. And you know what? They make PAWSOME cat beds! As you ponder sleeping in tomorrow, consider how much better you would sleep in a cushy bed like one of these gems.¬†You can click any of these fotos to go to the product page for more infermation.


Chic upcycled vintage cat bed made from vintage suitcase

Look how cushy this cushion is!


Eco friendly vintage suitcase revamped for chic cat bed


In the foto above, Tiger choze his bed to match his eyes.


Vintage suitcase is upcycled for cat bed


I like the modern feel of this yellow and grey combo. And the pencil legs are an amyoozing touch.


Vintage Suitcase is upcycled into cozy cat bed


Don’t these cats look cumfy and contented? Woodn’t you like to feel cozy and contented, too?




The bed above was upcycled from an old trunk. I think this is my faverite, cuz it straddles bed and mancave territories.

If you or yer people are feeling all crafty and have a vintage suitcase you’d like to transform into ahttps://mousebreath.com/speed-dating-covent-garden/ It’s an easy project that doesn’t require speshul tools. Altho some of the steps mite reqwire oppozable thums.

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  1. Now this is cool. We just happen to have a few hard sided suitcases in the attic, but in all fairness, I think Mom should really make one for each of us.


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