Who’s a Who Fan Who’ll Treasure These 13 Whovian Treats?

Is there a cat alive who doesn’t know who Dr Who is? I think not! Cats ‘n’ the Doctor are a natural! Save up your allowance, kittehs! You’re gonna want to lay down some green papers to get some of this Whoriffic swag! (Click any image to go to purchase info.)

Tardis Cat Clubhouse $55 (points deducted for cardboard color.)


10th Doctor cat with Tardis. $30

Dr Who Fez-sporting Cat Greeting Card $2.3


Dr Who’s 4th Doctor Note Cards and Prints (various prices)


Time Lord Catnip. $7.50


Tardis-Dalek-Angel Breakaway Collar. $10.50



Tardis ID Tag to put on the aforementioned collar. $14


Dr Who Catnip Toys. $4+ ea.


Print (of a painting) of the 11th Doctor as a tabby cat. $20


Tardis Cat Pendant $14.


Dalek Catnip Toy, $5.50


I guess kittehs like getting stoned to watch Dr Who because there is no shortage of Who-nip toys. Tardis Toy $10

Alice meets Tardis. Notecards and Prints (various)


4 thoughts on “Who’s a Who Fan Who’ll Treasure These 13 Whovian Treats?

  1. Oh my word! Would you look at all that Time Lord nip! It has to be said that trans-dimensional travel always goes better for me with a bag of nip…. only problem is declaring it at customs MOL

    Toodle pips and purrs

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