World-Famous Istanbul Feline to Get Memorial Monument


Her furchin launched a thousand memes, and she was beloved in her neighborhood, Ziverbey’s Güleç Çıkmazı street in Istanbul. This luscious well-loved grey and white tabby named Tombili went to The Bridge on August 1st after a long illness. (The name ‘Tombili’ is a common Turkish nickname for full-figured pets.) Residents announced her passing away by hanging posters that proclaimed “You will live in our hearts.”

Since then, more than 12,000 people in Istanbul have signed a petition to erect a monument of the famous cat. The authorities of Kadikoy Municipality area approved the initiative and reported that a monument of Tombili, who became the city’s symbol, will be soon installed.


Tripper long harbored the fantasy of meeting Tombili in purrson and was devastated to learn that that bucket list item will remain unchecked. He’s now launching a campaign to fill the furchin-loving void left by Tombili.

Whadya think? Does he stand a chance?




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