Zoey, Zee and the Silent Six


We are honored to have the famous Zee and Zoey from the aptly named Zee and Zoey blog,  along with their “siblings” Jazz, Kismet, Rolz, Mia, Peanut and Harley as today’s interview subjects. We know you will enjoy getting to know them all better or to meet them for the first time.

Funny Farmer Felines: Would you introduce yourselves and your mom to everyone?

Zoey: Is this really necessary?  Fine – if you insist on introductions, here is a picture with all our names on it, but all you really need to know is my name… Z O E Y.

zee and zoey for mousebreath

I’m the Queen Bee around here and I’ll be doing all the meowing. The first thing I’d like to set straight is the human mom. Just because she wears cat ears and leopard print, does not mean she is a cat like she thinks she is. We do humor the poor dear since she feeds us, but come on, lady, just how many mice have you actually caught lately?

Funny Farmer Felines: What nicknames does your mom have for you?

Zoey: My mom calls me Zoey Barnes, ZB, Zoe Zoe, and Mama. She does it in a very high pitched tone because apparently she thinks I am either deaf or a baby. She calls –

Jazz: This is an interview, Zoey. Don’t we get to say anything?  I’m the senior cat, Mr. Jazz.

Harley: Harley Bear is my nickname.

Zee: I’m called Buddy-Boy.

Mia: I’m Darling Princess or Missy-Moo.

Rolz: Rolly McPolly is my moniker.

Peanut: For reason unknown to anyone but my mom, I’m called Peanut Butter.

Kizmet: Kizzie or – can you imagine? –  Brat Cat.

Funny Farmer Felines:  How did you all come to live together?   We know some of you are related.

Zoey: Well, since the human mom has a thing for collecting us cats, that is a rather long answer, so I’ll try to keep it brief. And don’t any of you interrupt me again!

Jazz was a Mother’s Day gift and Harley was a rescue cat that came many dogs and cats after that. Zee was a gesture of love from the human mom to the human dad as a housewarming  gift when they got engaged and he moved in with her. Me, I came because Zee needed a younger feline playmate and the human mom always wanted a beautiful Bengal  like me.

Mia, Peanut, and Rolz were the result of, ahem, let’s just say a magical night between Zee and I that involved wine, dim lights, and some Barry White music. No need to go into graphic details since there might be kittens reading this interview, but suffice it to say there were consequences. Number one being I became an unwed mother, and number two, Zee and I were taken, rather unceremoniously if you ask me, to the V-E-T for what is known as a spay for me and a neuter for him.

Kizmet: Mom took one look and feel in love with-

Zoey:  Well, apparently the human mom locked eyes with him when she went shopping at a Pet supermarket to buy us food. He was in a cage and next thing you know, he put a spell on her and she brought him home. He is still here.

Funny Farmer Felines: Zee and Zoey, a number of blogs began as a means to show how cute their kitties are started your blog for a different purpose.  Would you like to tell us a little about that?

Zee:  Yes, I …

Zoey: As I’ve made clear, the human mom is a bit delusional. After Zee and I had kittens, she wrote a greatly exaggerated, tell-all book called The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey – A Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary filled with shocking photos detailing the account of our sordid love affair, the likes of which mimic Hollywood icons Brad and Angie. Thinking she would become an overnight, best-selling author, she was certain everyone would want to read more about the scandalous Zee/Zoey kitties and started a blog. What ended up happening is that after blogging for a while, the human mom learned that not all kitties have a warm, safe, and loving home like we do and that there are millions of cats living on the streets and in shelters that need our help. It was after that, that she realized she wanted to use our blog not only to share stories about us, but to educate people about cat advocacy issues.

Zee:  … would.  But Zoey has already answered this.

Funny Farmer Felines: You kitties don’t always get to post. Sometimes your mom does and not always about you.  What kind of subjects does she like to post?

Zoey: Well, yes, we don’t always get to post, but that is part of the master plan. First of all, not all the kitties care about attention the way I do. The seniors, Jazz and Harley, are so technologically  illiterate that they think tweeting is a noise a bird makes. Zee, while he is a doll and I do adore the dear boy, is as obtuse as they come.  He spends most of his time napping in front of the TV and now that I am a mom, he barely gives me a second thought like our early days when we were young cats in love. I don’t think he has a clue that he is in a book, let alone that he has a blog. And the children, well, I do my best to protect them from the Catparazzi and they are rarely allowed to post.

Kizmet is a whole other story. He is a fame hog and he and I wrestle for attention all the time. But, as I am the one meowing here, clearly you can see who really rules the roost. Anyhow, that being said, since we don’t have thumbs and don’t know how to read or write, we just let the human mom type for us and we – well, mostly me –  get all the credit and we let her ramble about whatever she feels like. Mostly she likes to write about cat topics that really get people thinking in a reflective way. She likes to inspire people by writing in a warm, humorous, and conversational way and uses lots of compelling photos to tell the story. She especially likes to teach about ways to help increase cat adoptions and keep us kitties off the streets and out of shelters in the first place.

Funny Farmer Felines: Every kitty likes to get into mischief.. What kind of mischief do you get into?  Separately or together?

Zoey: Mischief? Well, other than our one night stand, we do like to cause some trouble now and then. Unfortunately, however, the human mom has made it all but impossible to have fun… a few broken candlesticks, a coffeepot, two vases, a collectable sculpture, some rare family heirlooms, and the “Grenadine Incident” of 2008 whereby Zee knocked a full bottle of bright pink grenadine off the kitchen counter and it smashed into a million sticky glass sliver smithereens all over the floor and the human goes and packs everything else breakable in the house into a box. Geez, lighten up lady. Right now most of the mischief is pretty harmless stuff like playing hide and seek, tag, opening drawers and doors, and wrestling with each other.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you have any special plans for the future of your blog?

Zoey: The human mom has some ideas in mind for the future, but would prefer to keep them under her leopard ears because she just doesn’t know if her schedule can handle her ideas at this time!  Oh, and she also has future plans to be on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and will blog about it when it happens. She is absolutely obsessed with Ellen and it would be her biggest dream come true to be on her show. Only one minor snafu – Ellen has no idea who the human mom is and has not yet invited her on the show. Yup, the human mom is clearly a nutcase…

Funny Farmer Felines: What do you like and dislike about blogging?

Zoey: We love meeting so many wonderful, devoted, compassionate, and caring kitties and humans that we would never know otherwise. We also love knowing that we are able to make a difference in this world for cats through our writing. We don’t like that there are not enough hours in the day to visit with all our blogging friends and we feel bad about that.

Funny Farmer Felines: What advice would you give to anyone just starting a blog?

Zoey: While blogging can be extremely rewarding emotionally, it is a lot of work (much more so than you would ever realize). If you are doing it strictly for fun, just go for it and enjoy yourself!

Thank you so much Funny Farmer Felines for this pawsome interview opportunity! We are thrilled and honored to have been chosen to participate and hope everyone enjoys learning a bit more about us!!

Funny Farmer Felines: It’s been quite an experience to meet all of you.  Zoey, you are quite the spokescat.  It was kind of you to allow the others to … um, nod their heads in agreement.

Zee, Zoey, Jazz, Kismet, Rolz, Mia, Peanut and Harley blog at Zee and Zoey’s Chronicle Connection.  Be sure to drop by and say hello.


In memory of  Jazz: Yesterday we learned that 15-year-old Mr. Jazz, a handsome Ragdoll, had to be helped to the bridge on Wednesday.  He had not been doing well for a while, but loss is always a shock.

His mom Deb told us, “I want to celebrate his joyful and kind spirit. I know I am not alone in my experience with Jazz – pet lovers of all types know that the love of a pet has a timeline shorter than ours, but still, no matter how long or short the time we share with them, it is always worth the inevitable heartache.”

You can leave an encouraging note of support on the blog.  You can also leave a message on the https://mousebreath.com/black-singles-online-dating/.    R.I.P. Mr. Jazz. 

29 thoughts on “Zoey, Zee and the Silent Six

  1. Fabulous interview! We are very sad to hear about Mr. Jazz. It is always hard to loose a loved one so we send purrs and prayers your way.

    Dunkel, Smokey, and Vito from Three Cat’s Tails

  2. I’m so sorry of Mr. Jazz’s passing. I enjoy finding Zoey and Zee and the family of six some months ago. So, so sorry for Mr. Jazz’s passing. Sending prayers of healing and look forward to reading more about your cat family. R.I.P. Mr. Jazz!

  3. That was a great interview with one of our favourite bloggers.
    Mum and I are very sorry to hear of the sad loss of Jazz’ passing. We send love and purrs to the Zee and Zoey gang and family.

  4. That was such a wonderful interview and we all love Deb and the gang. My Dad even got to wear the famous cat ears. We so hate that news about Mr. Jazz and he will live in our hearts, and the hearts of many, because his life was shared with us.

  5. Wonderful interview! Deb, you are a great cat mom…even though you don’t catch too many mice. So sorry about Jazz. Sending you love.

  6. zee…dood…ewe couldna get a werd in edge wize side wayz left ore rite…could ya…. grate interviews everee one and another grate post FFF 🙂

    dood jazz……XOXOXOXOXOXO

    all ways buddy…all ways…..

  7. Just the kind of witty interview you would expect from the Zee/Zoey gang! Brilliant! Just so sorry to hear of Jazz going to the bridge. Sincere condolences and gentle hugs and purrs from Austin, Tigger and Caro xox

  8. We just adore the Zee-Zoey gang. …and Glogirly thinks the world of Deb. She has advised Glogirly on so many things, laughed with her…she’s just the best.

    We are heartbroken to hear of Mr. Jazz’s passing. So very, very sorry.

    Many purrs and lots of love to Deb, Dan and the whole family.

    1. Oh dear… thank you so much, Glogirly. I had promised Jazz a day of celebration, but there you go with such kind comments that I can’t help but cry. Thank you for the love, support, and purrs… Deb, Dan and Gang…

  9. Funny Farmer Felines – Thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured on Mousebreath. While the circumstances are bittersweet, we do know that Jazz was beloved by his fellow feline and human family members so much and he had a wonderful life. We will be doing a special blog post on his behalf when we feel emotionally ready and in the meantime, it was so kind of you to give him such sweet parting words.

    Meows and Purrs from Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Harley, Kizmet, and our angel Jazz

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