Zulu Hut Mancat Mancave frum KittiCraft

Zulu-Hut-KittiCraft-Cat-BedKittehs, if you wunt to git back to yer primal Afrikan roots, this is the mancat mancave for yoo. It’s made by KittiCraft, and it is fashuned after a Sowth Afrikan Zulu Hut wich is kinda like an igloo that won’t melt. 

Now heer’s a nice feecher: the cotton liner comes out so you can make it more open and breezy in the warm summer munths or leeve it in and keep things nice and toasty and private inside.

Also, it’s roundish deezine meens you can sqwish more gerlcats inside just like college stoodints used to do win they’d stuff as many peeps as they could into a vokeswagon. 

It costs about as much as a vokeswagon, too. Almost $195, deepending on the ixchange rate. But that’s cheeper than going to Afrika to stay in a reel Zulu hut, so I think it’s kind of a bargain. 


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